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I was looking into this as well. They don't list them on Rekluse's web site, not even a parts diagram is available, which tells me that they don't support them anymore. This makes me want to avoid it in case there are problems and parts are needed.

I run Rekluse's in my dirt bikes and they are great...the newer ones still give you the same clutch feel when you want to use the clutch manually. I had a bike with a z-start pro and the problem was that the clutch feel is really non-existent - it's super light. That is the one thing you need to consider if you want to hunt down a used Z-Start. If you do want to use and modulate the clutch manually it feels odd/weird.
Rekluse has moved onto the radius XC and core exp 3.0 for the supported select models. Both are auto clutches. Only the z start is available for KTM rfs engines, and between the bikes and quads they are the same besides the center hub.
The dirt bike rekluse hub is still made and supported in the zstart. You can still get ever part besides the center hub, which seems to last a LONG time.
the dirt bike center hub will mount up and work but it has less material and could strip the splines out under hard race use. My 2 Pennies is if you are interested in developing hood racer habits forget the rekluse. You’ll always find yourself a gear high and the clutch feel is terrible.
Its great for a trail rider that wants to be lazy, or if you have a left hand injury it’s a great option.
Once you switch to the Brembo master and slave instead of that magura stuff it’s buttery anyways.
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