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Will this carb work on the 525XC?

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I've got a FCR 41mm MX Carb off a KTM SX Bike that is in exclt condition with TPS and Hot Start. Will it just exchange with the 39mm FCR MX? What about the bore of the boot to the head, do you send it with the head when you get porting? Bronson what do you think your setup will yield in horsepower and torque? I found where another gent got the same 570 Kit as me and got the Head ported and Custom grind Web Cam with +1mm Valves, SO HMF, 41mm Carb and saw 60hp (8100 rpm)with 45 ft/lbs (5100 rpm) torque sounds like that thing is a screamer...I was looking at mid 50's and about the same on torque...
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