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you can buy it brand new for $8498.00 from the dealer it will be interesting to see what it goes for
you can buy it brand new for 98.00 from the dealer it will be interesting to see what it goes for
please share what dealer has that price... if there are dealers that are starting to deal i want to get that info into our members hands so they can get the best deal possible. all the dealers in my area seem to be using the new msrp of $9498 and not dealing than $500 - $700...

that is $1k off sticker which is a mighty good deal; seeming how the availability has demand quite high for these quads right now....
Yes $1000 off the msrp your choice of 450 or 525 I bought the bike three weeks ago in north Texas. I also talked with a dealer in Oklahoma and they also would match the price.

You just have to ask and if they say no shoot me a PM and I will put you on to my KTM dealer
its 9498 here in Canada, it looks like pricing is starting to ev en out with the new dollar
i guess $8k was a good deal, i dont know.
lets just say that down in New Zealand KTM wants US$13,300 retail for the 525's...........

when it comes to me parting with cash for one I'll be buying and shipping it from LA, done the same with my 2 YFZ and LTR..... saved big each time.......

$8,000 I'd grabbed it if I'd been on the ball !

I have a demo "loaner" from KTM to promote so thats all good for now.
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8K was a good deal no tax,shipping,dealer prep,VIT, etc etc. Somebody saved em a buck. I would have paid it if I had not already purchased my 525
$9498 around here in wisconsin. It would be nice if I could buy it still in the box and put it togethor my self for cheeper cost.
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