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Polaris rzrs (side by sides) are a huge hit and are rare and in short supply here in the Southwest USA.
I got on a dealer list and was able to pick one up at MSRP.

I'm going to attempt a time-lapse video of installing all the options.
I ordered everything except the snow plow.
14" alloy wheels and bruiser tires, windshield & top, PIAA lites, all the tubular safety stuff, on and on - every option in the rzr book.
I felt the options were reasonably priced to begin with, and the dealer gave me 25% off on top of that.

The Polaris custom parts are all plug-and-play, and are starting to get delivered every day. The project is hidden in a back gardening shed on our property.

I've never really been able to afford to to anything like this.
My friends all did, but I saved for early, early retirement, bought a home, paid my bills on time and have been raising (still) fine kids who all love to ATV.
I wish KTM sold kids ATV's.

I'm the luckiest guy in the world.
I was able to afford retire at a young age about a year ago, and met my new wife while shopping at Best Buy.
We're into our second year of our marriage and it's been great. She's calm, considerate, savvy appreciative and the warmest most giving person I've ever known.
And she is beautiful.
Lucky for me indeed.

She rides a Kawai KFX 700 because it's an automatic tranny.
She shifts OK,, even rides a Kawai Ninja on the streets, but didn't like shifting on the dunes.
So the logical choice was the Kawai. Few companies make a automatic quad with sizeable HP.

She's givin the green lite on a KTM for me, we make our decisions as a team, and that's what brought me here.
Buying from our KTM dealer is like doing a deal with the devil.
They recently lost their Honda Watercraft Franchise from customer complaints, and Suzuki refunded all our service money and sent us to another dealer after bad service from them too.
Our KTM friends told us at that dealer, KTM means Kill The Mechanic.

Our next closest KTM dealer is halfway to Las Vegas across the desert and they have a teriffic reputation.. So when KTM prices calm down, probably over the next 3 months, we'll deal with them.

So, if I manage to pull off the video, I'll post it here.
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