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Stateline Supermoto Challenge April 2008

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Just thought I'd put up a picture of a KTM that was at the race. There were actually two. A 525 in the Unlimited Pro class (that I ran) and a 450 that ran the 14-25 & Pro class. They didn't fare as well as I'd hoped. Mine was making an awful clutch squeal / screeching sound and I just flat-out ran out of time in getting it set-up for the race and had to borrow a Honda. Was still a great time and am looking forward to the next Supermoto race in Tucson, AZ in June. My KTM WILL be ready by then. My KTM is the 2nd pic. 1st one is Cody Mitchell's[attachment=582:Copy_of_...line4508.jpg]
Have pic's of a lot of other quads but no KTM's. Well, I do have John Schaffe & Doug Eichner's Outlaws. At least they have KTM engines.
And fyi - 450 Production Main Event Results - Nic Granlund, Chris Riley, Dennis Capogni, Jason Anderson, Frank Batista, Doug Eichner....


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