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hi guys my quad should be here in days and i plan to run a full tank then do the first service on it! is this to soon or to late, just wondering what you guys have done and what the dealers recommend and what intervals do you do you services after the first one
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I have an hour meter on mine and change oil every 5 hrs, oil and filters every 10, and valve adjustment every 25. You can never change the oil too often. Also clean air filter every ride.

I change my oil after every race

Also a clean air filter goes after every race
did my first service after couple of hours and had a few decent sized filings on the drain plug and in screens, how much did you guys get on first service
i had what seemed alot also but they said it normal I changed mine 3 times before i didn't notice shavings anymore.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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