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ohlins dampner
hiper wheels
itp gncc tires
powermadd handguards
ktm front bumper
ktm neoprene shock covers
ktm billet clutch cover
ktm billet front master cylinder cover
ktm billet magura master cylinder cover
ktm billet oil filter covers
ktm billet rear master cylinder cover


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below are the final details surrounding my build:

540 kit (11:1)
806 cam
moto headz porting
41.5 mm taper bore (sredrum)
jd jetting r&d power bowl kit

havent made any decisions on exhaust at the moment. i am hoping to have all this completed by the group ride in june!

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Sounds like a good build bronson. I personally would also bore the carb and try to bump compression up another point or so though...
i will have sredrum bore the carb to 41.5mm. i have thought about bumping the compression to 12:1, it will all come down to what piston comes with the ktm kit. all i know is that i am done buying race gas, so anything over 12.5:1 has a tendancy to detonate during the hot texas summer heat.

Doesn't the 540 add 11.5:1 piston or it's 11:1?
who knows, i think you may be right. i am just going to use the piston that the kit comes with...

thanks to both of you for your feedback!

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hey bob long time no see... i have been so busy lately that what little time i have online i spend here, thus that is why i havent been on ktmtalk in a while. this is way old as i put +1's in it back in march!!! below are my current build details.

Thumper Racing 99mm Big Bore Kit
KTM 78mm Stroker Crank (Balanced, Blue Printed & Welded)
KTM 807 Cam
Moto Headz Racing Porting
Kibblewhite +1 Black Diamond SS Valves
Kibblewhite Light Weight Racing Valve Spring Kit
CT Racing Full Exhaust
Sredrum 43mm Taperbored Carb
R & D Powerbowl
JD Jetting Jet Kit
F2 Racing Billet Fast Cap
Twin Air Power Flow Kit w/ Dust Cover (Prefilter)

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78mm stroke
100mm bore
SMR tall cylinder
11-1 compression
My porting
8/07 cam
+ 1 valves
44 taper bore FCR
my intake system
Acrapovic full system

65.1 hp 52 ftlbs on pump gas, and 66.3 hp 52 ftlbs on U4

Not bad for a pump gas build.

Moto Headz Racing
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