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rear heel guard rubbing

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hi all just ran some laps down the track and having alot of problems with the left hand side heel guard every few jumps on landing it would grab the guard twist it and rub it against the inside if the rear wheel, haven't had problems peviously and nothing is missing or changed any suggestions??
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I was having problems with that as well. I just kept bending the mounting frame forward every day to keep it away from the tire until my nerfs arrived. No probs now with new ktm nerfs. That will be the easiest fix for you.

i actually ordered the ful nerfs and they couldn't supply them so i got the half ones instead if only the dealer had done what i wanted, i was hoping thier was another sollution instead of replacing the nerfs that are only a few rides old. might wait and see if pro armour come out with a set that is solid plate on the heel guard not netting
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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