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Come on KTM, seriously you could have done a bit better !!!

i have 2 ktm atvs , a 450 and a 525 , i race them in both motocross and Baja type desert racing , there have been a few complaints i have been having but the most serious ones are definately to do with the Ohlins steering dampers...
basically what is happening is the hex nut on the bottom of the actual damper is coming loose and falling off , putting the little (way too thin) connecting bracket at a bad angle and when you then turn the bars it breaks at the joint on the steering shaft side of the connecting bracket
So to avoid this very costly mess up , you need to take off that hex nut at the bottom of the damper unit and put on a shitload of locktite and hope the thing doesnt come loose ,
both my dampers broke on the same day when a friend was riding my 450 and i was on the 525 , we had ridden on quite a bit of graded gravel tracks and the vibration might have got it to go loose...but this shouldnt be happening on an item as expesive as this the worst part is you loose the bottom bracket on the damper and also the broken connecting bracket...

No wonder the gncc team is using the precision damper... not susprised at all....

hope you guys manage to get it before you loose costly pieces of kit
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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