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I was having trouble with my paddles spinning on my rims & running out of allignment.
Here's a few pics of how I fixed it.
Worked exceptionally well.

Drilled & tapped 4 holes in both inside & outside of each rim. Tapped them M6 (1/4").

Machined about 4mm sticking into the tyre to 3mm round.

Tyres back on.


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Seems like good idea and looks like you did nice job, only thing I could see bad about it is if it did turn at all now it may rip the tire or if its pushing the tire away from the rim it could let sand in the rim and start making a slow air leak. Keep us posted after you run it that way for a months or so. Never know if it works you might see companies making special rims to do the same thing.
Good Job, hope it works for ya. sure be a good way to make sure the paddles are always lined up.
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