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I am looking for your opinion on type oil to use during break in period after rebuild.
Installed a 12.5-1 JE piston, head ported, bigger valves and bored carb to 43mm with a dial a jet installed. After break in period which type oil to use???

Building ATV for flattracking/TT racing in Oklahoma and getting ready for Tulsa Shootout end of Dec.

Another opinion I am looking for is, where to start with jets with this motor running this new bored carb.
Before engine rebuild and carb bored: We was using a 165 main, 45 pilot, air screw out 2 1/2 turns, CT full exhaust, CT needle at 5 position from top, did not use dial a jet at this time of dyno and got 47HP.

My son is 15yrs old and loves racing KTM450xc ATV and can't wait until next year for the extreme dirttrack nationials.



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