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Ohlins vs Precision

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Looking to get either the ohlins or precision stabilizer. Money is not a factor at this point. Sold the house so now the wife said I can go out get my quad all set up for racing. Thats why i'm asking about the hiper wheels, exhaust and so on. Any and all input would be great. Thanks
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I'm also planning to add a stabilizer, Can we add elka and scott to the post? I'm also thinking of going precision but it seems on there website that most the articles are from 05' So I'm wondering if there still the best or are there new products out that are better?
Just for some F.Y.I. I contacted precision and asked if there stabilizer worked with the ktm mount and here was there reply .....
"We were very excited when we heard the KTM was going to have a mount built in, until we saw it. The stock mount is inadequate to hold a Precision, so we went with our conventional style of mounting. KTM later redesigned the mount when they started having failures. We are not convinced that it is adequate to hold a Precision, so we are sticking with what works."

So if you plan to go with precision make sure to get the complete kit.
If anyone has a link where they compared several stabilizers please post it here or if you have reason not to pick a certain stabilizer.
That info is nice 2 know. now u have me all confused. Thanks
I believe I'm going with the precision. What kind of pricing did you guys get on yours. and also what place did you get them. thanks.
Should be in today. ( Went with the precision. )
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