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Hey all,
I have a problem and wanted to check and see if anyone else had the same problem.
The OEM tires I got from KTM: rears are Maxxis Razr MX "yellow" labels and the fronts were 1 Maxxis Razr MX "orange" label and 1 Maxxis Razr MX "yellow & orange" label. I pointed out to my dealer that I had received from KTM 1 soft compound front and 1 medium compound front. He called KTM and they said "I should never have gotten an orange lable because they couldnt warrenty it because its a race tire". I then told my dealer to look on KTM.COM and read the spec column. It reads as follows: front tires 20x6x10 Razr MX soft compound. So he said he would try to contact KTM again.
I am not slaming my dealer because they have been superior in every way. What gets me is that KTM argues that I should never have gotten a soft compound front when every SX I have seen in the U.S. and overseas has orange label fronts and yellow label rears. I have not used my stock tires so hopefully KTM will cough up another orange.

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