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Nowhere to ride!

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as i said, my town hates ATVers, we had perfectly good trails, until they paved them to keep us out, they have huge cement block in the way of the trail head.

do you guys know of any good riding spots in and around peterborough ON? i really want to bring my 450 to some dunes, the only place i can ride is the 100 acres that we have out of town, but we can't make the track better because we hd the cops caled on us for using a Bobcat. it's sooo frustrating
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i would rather have no where to ride than no time to ride; at least you have the opportunity to ride...

i can't wait until my schedule turns around and allows me some much needed riding time.
I dont really have tme to ride either, my dad works 9-6 mon-sat, and he's my only ride out, i cant wait till im 17
BH 84 who owns the 100 acres ??? get there permission to carve it up, and tell the cops to rotate on the bird ......
we own the property but it is about a 20 min drive and i dont have my liscence. , the towwnspeople called because they thought that we were going to organize a race there, which we werent
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well i live in miami,FL and u think there is no where to ride where u live...theres only 1 track where i live and it sucks so then we have to go ride on private land and when we do that then they call some lil security gaurds {ohh now!!!} and when they come we start doing donuts.
.w/e i now how it feels...
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Guess I'm pretty spoiled here in Oregon .... check this link http://atv.prd.state.or.us/places.php

If you have google earth type in Florence Oregon.
Ben they cannot do anything, BUILD IT! i will even come out in the summer and build it for yeah.
Maybe these two sites will help, both include all types of riding areas, ohv, mx,etc.


i live on eight hundred arces in Va i built my own track its almost a mile long but the only problem i got is the time to ride im forever farming or got something goin on but hopfully it will work out soon but im far from canada tho haha. im goin to get the rzr s soon after the end of this month so ill get some videos of me on my track they look so BA the ladys will dig it
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