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I have seen that I'm not the only one who had this issue.

The easiest thing to check if you are out of range is to meassure the switch on the carb.
Dissconnect the black connector from the TPS and meassure the R ges resistor between blue and black it should be between 4...6K Ohm.
Then you can check the variable resistor between yellow and black when you open the throttle you should get a constant changing value.
When you have your throttle complet open the value should be between 3...4,5K Ohm.
If you are off from this value you have to readjust the TPS.
The exact variable resistor can be easy calculated.

R var = R ges x 0.17 (Toleranz +/- 0.05K Ohm)

R ges.......Resistor Value between blue and black
R var.......Resistor Value between yellow and black

So you can easy edjust the TPS to the calculatet R var value without trying around.
You only have to take care that your Idle speed is right because you change this Value also with the Idle srew.
So take care when you adjust the TPS that the idle speed is near the optimum otherwise it can happen that you are again out of the range on the TPS when you have adjusted the correct idle speed and you have to readjust the TPS once more.

I hope this helps.
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