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Looking for a good builder

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Woah this place sure has Changed a lot. Unfortunately so has my ktm. Havent ridden it for about 6 years now and I finally got the itch to build it back up. As I imagined, many of the OG builders are now retired so finding a reputable builder who knows these ktms has been near to impossible to find. Would appreciate any help in getting my once beloved ktm back to its glory days. Cheers
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Builtmotors (took over the Thumper operations), Baldwin, and CT would be high on my list.

Stevo had a 540 built by CT recently and seems to be happy with it. Rebuild In the Works
assuming you’re talking internal build only:
My experience with Allen (CT) was okay, But not great. He also seemed quite sarcastic. For some reason he refuses to use anything but hot rods rods for these engines and that’s a no-go for me. No question about it. I wouldn’t think twice about having him do particular things, I just think there is better out there for RFS stuff. My hand ported head made more power than his CNC. Feels like it at least.
Kevin (built motors) is a good guy and builder, he’s just BEYOND swamped at the moment I just got off the phone with him.
Another great option is DJH. He’s slowing down but still in the business.
There is a builder named Jeff at OCP that has done a few of these and has a flow bench, can bore your carb, I think rebuild and weld your crank, etc. Also a very good guy.
If you’re close to central OH, I don’t mind helping you out. I do about 3-5 engines a year when I have time. I also now offer the no-bog carb mods that are branched (in my opinion upgraded) off the original ranchero mods.
I had no idea there was a demand for carb work like this tho, I blew through all the needles I had in stock and don’t know when I can get more. I have a lot of people coming to me complaining they want efi, and once I get them fixed up I don’t hear anything of the sort. Given thier carb is not grooved in the slide area and they take care of thier machine.
If you’re talking someone to fully build your bike, I used to think you could DIY it just fine. I still agree with that for a trail rider or something if the sort . But, now that I’ve been forced to go as deep as I have, I no longer think that’s the way to go for someone who wants the most out of their machine.
All4 racing could get you all set up.
I don’t mind helping but my turn around times are not fast when it comes to full builds. Then again, neither is anyone else’s.
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