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Saturday: was practice not too bad, i was keeping up to that Summers kid, hes on a YFZ now, my bike was having problems but i turned out to be a bolt that wasnt all the way tightened, causing the bowl to overflow, im not sure about all the details but we got it fixed, i rode Sean's bike (the other KTM) instead. after praccy, we had the bikes all cleaned up for Sunday's race and we were cruising atound in a golf cart, i was on the back seat, facing backwards, suddenly the rear end jerked over, i went airborne at about 25-30 km/h, hit the ground runnin, trpiied, landed on my face, and rolled to a stop, hopped back on the cart and Sean said i was bleedin from my eyebrow, we went to the hospital and they stiched up my eye, 6 stitches, and wrapped up my arm for the road rash, and told me not to race on Sunday.

Sunday: decided to go ahead and race since there was no concern about a concussion. My bike was running great, first moto in Jr, 25 riders on the gate, i started in neutral, dead last. i started working my was through the back, all the way up to 7th, but, i was flying through the whoops, 4th gear, to the bar, coming up on an LTR, he lost his back end and i had nowhere to go, rode up his back tire, up his fender, bike kicked sideways and, once again, i'm airborne. got up and finished, passed a few more for 11th. Intermediate was a better start, but halfway through the first lap i pulled off because my grips came off. so we bought somegripo glue and it was all good.

second moto of jr, i was midpack off the start, got hit and fell off once again. hopped back on, dead last, and started charging, in my 10 minute moto, i made 21 passes to take 4th, i was absolutely exhausted, skipped my 2nd intermediate moto, and called it a day, 5th overall. i have awesome pics and vids that ill have posted when i get home.

Sean took the holeshot on his bone stock KTM in pro, but he had an athsma attack and faded to 4th out of about 15 in his first pro moto, he took 4th in his 2nd moto as well.

Sean's little brother, Cory's Apex suddenly losy 40 pounds of compression in praccy and was at 104 at the start of race day, he also borrowed a raptor 250 and placed 4th in sportsman, he's 8 years old.

Our DS90X melted too.
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