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KTM RFS 450/525/540 high flow, big water pump impeller with parts for install

Shipping from Hungary, shipping cost may vary.
(item price is circa 160 USD to USA with shipping cost - sadly local Post is very expensive)

With original KTM gaskets and screws!

You can pay with PayPal.

I am using it on my 2007 KTM EXC 450 RFS enduro bike. Very good quality aluminium impeller! Don't even need a fan (but I'm using it just to be sure).

I don't know the KTM ATVs/quads, but it will surely fit on KTM XC 450 / 525 ones.

Maybe you have to file the inside of the impeller a little bit.

4 sets in stock now, 1-2 weeks to manufature them/get the gaskets.

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