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KTM Case Saver

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Has anyone installed the case (slave) saver from KTM? I got one from Munn Racing and it does NOT fit. I called Munn and they said that they know someone who has it and and they had to do some mods.
The guard will fit over the slave but the stock chain guard will not go back on as the distructions say. It must be for the bikes. I have seen it listed on a few sites for our ATV's. (BEWARE)

I wish they would have told me before they sold it to me. I guess I have to go through the trouble and expense to send it back.
Not to mention Munn screwed-up most of my order.I only got half of the things I ordered, when I called them to find out what happened to the rest of my order they told me thats all I ordered
.Then I got 2 emails telling me that they missed this then that. Not a good first impression. I will go through someone else in the future.
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Did you cut the factory chain Guard? Some photos would be great.

I'm not that upset w/Munn. It just seemed like they did not have the time to make sure they had my order correct before letting me go. They told me they would call me w/a total, a day later(when I was called back), things did not add up to what I ordered. It took many emails back and fourth and I still have not yet seen if the rest of my order is correct or if has been shipped (paid extra shipping to get what they missed). I read on this very site a guy had the same problem with a order from them. I am not putting all the blame on Munn for the case saver but, they did know there was a fit issue before I placed my order. I am sure they are a decent place but they should spend a bit more time with the customer. We are their future.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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