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Ktm 570 xc

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I am new to these quads and this forum, a bit late to the party! Lol
Love these machines though, plan on ice racing them here in Canada. I have found lots of good info here and appreciate the wealth of knowledge.
I have a 505 SX and 570 XC plus a couple others, once I had one I was hooked, they are awesome! Never knew they existed until this past spring(March 2020).
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Yep I bought my 525 as soon as it hit the floor in 2008. Dad bought the next one that came in and put the factory 540 top end on it. Raced it for a few years with way less money input and better durability than anything I ran before that. Picked up a 505sx in 2010 and "retired" the 525 from racing duty. Since then a 450sx and 450xc have joined the ranks just because they came up for sale for a good deal. No plans of selling any of them in the near future.

Keep that 570 out of the high revs and use the torque for max crankshaft and main bearing longevity unless it has one of the lightened cranks put in it.
Thanks for the input, not sure if any crank work was done, the guy had the head completely redone and carb bored so it might be. It builds revs quick and has tons power, I think a bit more than my 505 stocker, but tough to tell by seat of the pants.
Cool that you’ve been into them since the start.
Hello! How's the weather there? How do you find the forum so far?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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