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key replacement

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My key switch was starting to go bad, and I want to replaces it with a push button. I found a waterproof on off push button switch. it is a dpst style push button. the switch was about $6 and the connector I need was around $1. so for under $10 I was able to replace the switch. know for some durability testing to see how long this setup will last.
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Take the key switch apart and clean it up with some contact cleaned then put back together with dielectric grease.
That does look pretty cool
FYI, a Master Lock Key #1 with a little filing off the top leading edge and off the back end body to match the stock key makes a nice second key. Works great!
It's good to hear that you found a solution to replace the key switch on your Suzuki sv650. However, I would advise caution when it comes to making modifications to your motorcycle's electrical system. Replacing a key switch with a push button switch may seem like a simple modification, but it could have unforeseen consequences. For example, if the push button switch fails or malfunctions, it could cause a dangerous situation while you're riding your motorcycle. I would recommend consulting with a professional mechanic or electrician who has experience working with motorcycles before making any modifications to your motorcycle's electrical system explore. They can help you evaluate the safety and feasibility of your proposed modification and ensure that it is done correctly. Overall, it's important to prioritize safety when it comes to making modifications to your motorcycle. While it's understandable to want to customize your bike to fit your preferences, it's crucial to do so in a way that doesn't compromise your safety or the reliability of your motorcycle.
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