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Broke in the Katoom at Kermit...

  • KTM 525: HMF Full System, JD Jetting Kit with Red Top Needle, 185 MJ, 45 Pilot, K&N KT-5201 Breather System
  • Gearing: Started at a 14T Front Sprocket and changed to a 13T Front Sprocket after one ride too high speeded for duning anyway...
  • Ran Skat Trak 8 paddle Edges 21X11-8 and they hook up, slide and handle well but the Quad seemed a little tippy to me as I ride a 4 over suspension on a LTZ470 that only has a 29-30 inch ride hieght so it should seem tippy...
  • Awkward at first but, once I got the hang of throttling it and jumping it some no problem absolutely ripped...friends followed me taking pictures on an RZR and Quads...really didn't have any aggressive Quad riders to ride with.
  • Front Suspension: Moved Clip on Dual Rate Spring up one notch. Backed off preload on Lower Spring completely so the shocks or adjusted down as far as they will go
  • Rear Suspension: Backed off preload 5 rounds
  • Completely turned all compression adjustments to lowest settings
  • Thumb Throttle is OK but its position sucks
  • Did have trouble finding neutral a few times after breaking her in
  • A little far of a pull on foot shifter between first and second sometimes it seemed - may adjust it down one cog just to see if that will help
  • Heel Guards got caught behind paddle tires several times due to aggressive riding
  • I jumped everything from off camber to straight lipped dunes, only got in trouble once but the flag caught my foot and kept me on the Quad
  • Wheelies, Wheelies, Wheelies anytime anywhere that was fun - requires a 2" over Swinger at minimum
  • Set axle spacers to inside also for additional stability - utilized 1" over front rims to extend front end out 1 inch on both sides
Biggest mods: Pipe, Jet, Breather, 13Tooth Front Sprocket, Adjust suspension to lowest settings

Sorry for the picture quality...will get some better ones up later...


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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