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KBR is the official sponsor for the KTMATVHQ.com QOTM contest.

Kyle Baldwin Racing Wesbsite

  • Post upto 5 pictures of your quad. Don't forget to include a detailed list of all of your mods.
  • ONLY factory KTM quads are eligible to enter the QOTM contest at this time.
  • No replies are allowed in the entry thread. If you forget something, edit your original post. All replies will be deleted.
  • All members are eligible to vote in the QOTM contest.
  • Entry deadline is 5 days prior to the end of the calender month.
  • The poll will be open for voting the last 3 days of the calender month.
  • The poll will remain open for 72 hours.
Good luck & let's see those quads...

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08 450XC
KTM Nerfs
KTM Bumper
KTM clutch case guard
KTM brake and clutch master cylinder covers
KTM Hiper wheels single BL orange
Front Fenders off
Holeshot SX tires
Fasst Flexx Bars
Pro Taper Grips
Hindle Prototype full system exhaust
Custom Number Plates By Auto Trim Designs
Maier vented carbon fiber hood
walsh steering stem
Hiper mudplugs w/ custom graffix(not shown)
FINALLY- +2a-arms(not on it yet though)

the guy in the gray is the KTM national Sales Manager, he showed up to watch me race so i put on a clinic for him lol

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