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Just got an 08 525 IRS with blown motor and haven't ridden it yet. Need to wrap my head around the twin spring concept and how to tune it. Is there somewhere this is discussed more, It seems like the soft top spring would have a massive effect on initial roll Is that about all its for? What is the logic for these and where do I get different ones. Most pics and videos I see of the IRS are with the preload collars cranked WAY down. In many videos I see very little suspension action at all. Is this because people from straight axle quads just hate roll so they stiffen preload too much? I come from dirt bikes and long travel buggies where we run considerable sag, At least in videos, many quads hardly run any sag at all and don't get into their travel much.

I'm a trail rider, not a racer or track guy so ride quality is important, especially with the chatter bumps from hell we find in Michigan. My first instinct is to widen the quad a bit and run more loaded sag to lower the center of gravity. Then play with top springs and roll bar to control roll. Get the cornering power via widening and lowering but keep the plushness with more sag and minimal sway bar?? Am I on the right track. It seems like too many people try to make it mimic a straight axle by limiting suspension action.
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