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After reading countless threads and posts on here to find my issue with my 450 xc. I have been trying to solve this issue for almost three years.

It would run awesome once it starts up and run as it should till it get to operating temp then it just dies. Wait for 15 mins or so it does it again.

Here's the parts I have replaced
Ignition coil
Spark plug wire and cap
Spark plug
Voltage regulator
Pulse generator
Gas line
New fuses

Send out two carbs to all ball racing for cleaning and inspected throughly.

Here's what I have done.
Cleaned and checked all the wire connectors.
Adjusted the valves
Cleaned the gas filter.

I have dirtbike sx 450 cdi so I don't have the tps issue.

It's not the gas cap since, I left it open and let it run idle till it reach the operating temp then it dies.

Is it the key switch? Which I hardly believe is the problem since all the lights stays on.

If the cooling fan doesn't came on once the engine gets hot will that shut the atv off to prevent farther damage?

I am out of ideas!! Please please help me!!! I would really much appreciated it!

Thank you!

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Found the issue!! Bad carburetor! Swapped out with different carb and that solved everything!
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