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Hello guys !!!

I joined this site yesterday...I am from Moscow, Russia...

Looking to buy my 1st Sport Quad and thinking about KTM 525 XC...Never even rode sport quad before...and thinking of getting one for this summer...

I searched the NET...Read some reviews and found this NEW KTM quad and it looks like its the best quad on the market rightnow..."Ready to RACE"... It cost about 15-16k here...most expensive on the market...

How many people actually rode one and what can you say about it compare to other quads ???

Do you think it will be reliable and good quad for a starter ???...

Have there been many recalls so far ???...

I know its may be too much for a starter but I will learn faaast and I want the best quad that I can do XC and the take to a track sometimes...My 1st sled was with 800 engine as well...I like everything FAST and POWERFUL !!!

Other option is 08 700 Raptor SE but I think KTM should provide much better overall performance...

ALSO I have been told that KTM is a small quad and I wont be comfortable on it...I am about 6.2-6.3 and weight around 220...is this true ??? Can someone comment...I dont know anything about sport-quads but I will learn...I really want to make right choice !!!

Looking forward to participate in this FORUM !!!
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