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FourWerx Motorsports now carries a full line of Universal Motocross handlebars.

If you need something feel free to hit me up.

Thanks, Jay


Atlas Handlebars:
1 1/8" oversize bars w/ crossbar & pad

• Cold forged & CNC machined crossbar clamps
• Butted and tapered Kinesium alloy
• Solid & two-tone anodized finishes
• Winged bar band position indicator
• Chamfered & precision bored bar ends
• Polished throttle tube section
• 6061 T-6 aluminum crossbar
• Stainless steel hardware
• Shotpeened surface

Model Width Height Sweep Part#
CR-HI 802mm 95mm 56mm 6500-00-XX
YZ 805mm 92mm 56mm 6501-00-XX
OUTDOOR 806mm 99mm 51mm 6502-00-XX
INDOOR 807mm 93mm 52mm 6503-00-XX
04 CR/CRF 802mm 99mm 54mm 6508-00-XX

( Colors come in either "black" or "black & silver" 1/2 & 1/2 )

Price: 95.00 + shipping

Solex Handlebars:
1 1/8" oversize handlebars & pad.

• 6000 series Kinesium alloy construction
• Shotpeened surface eliminates microscopic stress risers
• Polished end for smooth throttle operation
• New mounting indicator
• 1-1/8-inch oversized center section
• Butted & tapered tube walls absorb vibration


Model Width Height Sweep Part#
CR-HI 802mm 95mm 56mm 5000-00-XX ~~~~Colors: Black, Black/Silver, Black/Blue, Black/Red
04 CR/CRF 802mm 99mm 54mm 5008-00-XX ~~Colors: Black, Black/Silver, Black/Red, Black/Gold
YZ 805mm 92mm 55mm 5001-00-XX ~~Colors: Black, Black/Silver, Black/Blue
OUTDOOR 806mm 99mm 51mm 5002-00-XX ~~Colors: Black. Black/Silver, Black/Blue, Black/Red
INDOOR 807mm 93mm 52mm 5003-00-XX ~~Black, Black/Silver
MINI HI 759mm 118mm 42mm 5004-00-XX ~~ Black, Black/Silver
QUAD 815mm 145mm 65mm 5007-00-XX ~Black, Black/Silver

Colors: See next to above chart

Price: $70 + shipping

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