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Hey guys, this is just a post out here to help you guys get hood jetting in your bike as well as a hood riding experience

I run my bike at sea level so keep that in mind

I run a 11.1 vertex high compression piston, FMF powerbomb header, and fmf mid pipe as well that runs into an Hmf slip on at the end.

I’m running a stock bore on my carb
175 main jet
48 pilot jet
85 starting jet
I’m pretty sure I have the HRC Needle which has 7 clip settings total, I’m running it on the 4th clip from the top.

Im also running the accelerator pump O ring mod.

starts really really quickly and runs amazing
I think I’m around 2.8 to 3 turns out on the air/fuel mixture screw.

It pops only when you really hit it hard and let off, it’s not often tho.
If you guys have questions just reply.
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