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FCR emulsion tubes

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One of the critisims of the FCR carb is the emulsion tube (what the needele slides up and down in and the main jet bolts on the bottom of) also referred to as the "needle jet"

Ideally 4 strokes need a drilled emulsion which atomises the fuel as it's pulled up the tube, hence the name "emulsion"


If you look in the guts of Weber or dellorto carbs used in off road racing automotive engines years ago they used drilled emulsion tubes and you could get a wide selection of drill pattern as to fine tune the fuel delivery.

anyways Travis at Thumper can supply these very nicely made drilled emulsion tubes or needle jets. Significantly improved throttle response due to the better fuel atomisation compared to the stocker. installation details to follow

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Factory pro sells direct. I purchased six a year ago. Also the dual squirt a/p from vertex. Very close to FI with both. Add a R&D float bowl with an externally adjustable leak jet and you have invested a lot of money.DocBob
I think Ktmbill is selling something in this line of thought also. Can't recall.
i could never get factorypro to return an email, gave up on them............. Travis is the only guy I could find who actually stocks them
Would there be any reason why we couldn't drill out our own emulsion tubes. Or is there more to it than 4 small holes? Has anyone got any idea on drill size looks similar to a #100 metering jet to me - so 1mm
and the oring at the top to seal the tube into the carb body forcing the air through the drillings to atomise the fuel..............
I sell them too
I sell them too
How much???? PM me info please
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They are $36.00 shipped
KTM Bill does this effect the jetting? Or is it just a cleaner burn, as I am thinking about ordering one from you.
No jetting change I have more coming in by the end of the week Just sold the last one the holidays is mess me up
Are these suppose to give better throttle response or what?
Never mind I went back and read all of the thread lol
KTM Bill I want one let me know how to make payment to you.
I just wanted to tell you how smooth this purchase was with KTMBill. Super communication and just great to deal with. Thanks Bill
Post up results when you guys get them installed
I will. I am putting the motor back together Sunday and will let you know after that.
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