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Hello Everyone,
My 525 XC is only 7 hours and been in the workshop numeours times (it is still there for a week now). One of my main gripes is the excessive chaffing of the plastics, seat and fuel tank.

The seat 4 "bumper" blocks that rest on the sub-frame have no sacrificial or anti-chaffing rubber/plates on, thus rest directly on the subframe. this cause severe damage to your sub-frame. My quad is still "brand new" but shows already signs of degrading... the subframe is already about 1mm depressed. I checked the South African racing 450 last month and noted excessive depression & cracking (which I pointed out to them) on the sub-frame.

Furthermore, check the damage on your fuel tank caused by the seat rubbing against it, mine have two groves imprinted on the tank, much riding will cause a tank failure - if this happens you will set the quad alight! I install some friction media that will reduce the pressure on the tank from the seat.

Remove your rear plastics... note the severe chaffing where the plastics meet the subframe, currently I installed aluiminium tape to reduce the friction.

I will post some detail pics to demostrate my experience...

All these were pointed to KTM QA, I am still waiting for an official reply.

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