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Crooked River Cabins

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I almost forgot my absolute favorite cabins to go to in far Southeastern Oklahoma. Lane & Sharon Perrin own 4 cabins situated directly on the High Glover river in Battiest, Oklahoma. Check out the website below. Next time you all are looking for a quiet place from which you can ride in/ride out of this is the place.

All the trails surrounding it are mapped primary & secondary logging roads. I think it costs $25 for a pass to ride in the OHV area's and they are good for a year! The Perrin's are super nice and always welcome mature and responsible atv riders.

Also have I have some very extensive mapping that I have done my self there with my GPS unit. A lot of the logging road are very wide, so at times we have been 2 and 3 wide pinned in 5th gear hauling you know what down those trails.


I will be up there in May with my family riding. It will be our first official outing with the twins. They still aren't born for those who are wondering, I thought Friday was the day. We were at the hospital for about 4 hours before they sent me home with a very unhappy pregnant wife.
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thanks for the insight bronson my wife was talkin about these and i was like sounds great but she didnt know where it was
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