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clutch noise

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do you guys know of a noise on the clutch??? its like a squeeling noise makes it sometimes when taking off or if you use clutch heavily while riding, checked oil it looks full and fine. bike changes up and down fine and only makes noise every know and then bike only has approx 10 hour use on it
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hmm, i must say that i havent heard any abnormal "noise" from my clutch. you may want to pull all the fibers and steels out and inspect them to confirm that everything is looking okay.
Same noise here only on take off in 2nd gear like a slipping sound.
dunno what it is if it in fact a slip or not any advice will be great !!
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mine doing it to. but over all no sliping.mine has about 40 hours on it i thought about new fibers, but have not looked at clutch yet
Same here, i tell those around me I just forgot to tighten the fan belt.

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