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Hello friends. I was cleaning up my quad and thought I'd share something I have been doing to clean mud out of the radiator fins

Now we all know the best way to avoid clean up is to not get dirty in the first place. I know I personally avoid mud at all costs when practicing and trail riding, however in a race situation this is usually not possible (or fast!). I'm sure most have caught on to the furnace filter trick, but that still doesn't keep the radiator 100% clean...and you need that radiator to be working in tip top shape!

The filter, as seen below, does a good job at keeping the bigger chunks but sometimes it gets lazy and falls down. This last race was pretty muddy and had a few creek crossings, the filter didn't do a great job at staying in place.

I found that spraying the radiator from the front on the KTMs is pretty hard due to the curve as well as the shroud. You can get the most outside edges from the back pretty easy, but it leaves the middle area clogged, which is bad because it is probably the most important area of the radiator for slow speeds since that is where the stock fan is located. This pretty much means that in order to get a good clean the fan and radiator need to be removed from the frame...I've pulled enough radiators to clean them and re-install to know that it isn't fun or the best use of time, so let me share with you my little tip.

I stand the atv up on the grab bar. This allows you to spray in from the sides and let gravity pull the water through the radiator. Depending on what kind of nozzle you have, you should be able to flood the area pretty easy. I do this until the water is as clean coming out as it is going in, and then I do it for another minute or two. I also usually dump some concentrated soap on the radiator, too. The shroud doesn't get in the way of the spray, and it does a pretty good job at getting all the mud out from the fins. I haven't noticed any damaged fins, and it is definitely faster and easier than the alternative.

Many of you may already do this, but I felt like there are a few that could benefit. Hope this helped!
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