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I omitted the scenes where the girls were switching cloths (and underware) at the campfire.
We're a boating crowd too and the girls get a little "Happy" when they have a few drinks.
It was awesome.

Nice site here.

Looking forward to a new KTM.
I like the whole mindset of the company and the way the KTM dealers are set up, and their dedication to family riding.

Their was a little diner about 15 minutes from the campsite.
A Japanese group was riding rented Harleys and stopped off at the diner.

It's the BFD here in the west, big groups of Japanese rent Harleys for their vacations.

The waitress mentioned "motorcycle" riding trails nearby,, and the foreigners attempted the ride on their Harleys.
I guess the info got lost in the translation.

Well, one of the Japanese riders looped his Harley on one of the trails and we had him air lifted out in pretty bad shape.
Last we heard, he's Ok. Ins covered the Harley.
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