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I have a mystery cam from ebay. He said its from a 2006 525EXC which should have the common 5521 cam that I want. However the ID markings on the water pump shaft are....

0121/595 60170 HOER.

These numbers don't show up on any parts fiche or google search and the lobes are less lift and a slightly less fat than the unmarked cam that supposedly came from my motor. Do the above numbers mean anything to anyone? The fact that it has about .017 less intake lobe lift and .008 less ex lobe lift than my old cam (which could be a 5521 cam) and the narrower lobes seems very odd. One theory is that its the very uncommon 59836010100 250 racing cam. Shorter lobes and less duration make sense there but I don't see those specs on the cam chart or know what the end markings should be for the 250.

I have a Polaris 525 Outlaw, Its supposed to have the 5521 cam but mine has no end markings possibly because it was bead blasted to apparently remove some rust. This is odd because the rest of the motor is super clean but I bought it disassembled because of a decompressor failure. This may not be the original cam and I'm not using it? Does the no numbers give a clue which one it may be? Should they all have numbers on the shaft?

I have no idea what the part numbers are for either one.

So I guess I have two mystery cams with different lifts and durations. My measurements are from the lobe minus base circle and do not include the rocker ratio which I don't know. That's all the clues I have, does anyone have actual lobe lift numbers from a 5521 cam? I am assuming the charts all show valve lift not lobe lift?????

Anyone have a clean 5521 cam with decompressor parts? An unexpected bore plating kinda blew my budget for new parts so I;m scraping. Also need an FCR39MX carb
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