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Don't have it yet!
Was thinking in getting a 525 this summer but i knew just about know the prices and things are ugly...
€10.000 (US14.600) for the 450 and €10.600 (US$15500) for the 525. I wish i lived in America :pleure:

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08' KTM 450/525 XC (have both cylinders) 525 in now

FMF 4.1 mega bomb full system

Maier vented hood

Relocated key and dash lights

BRM off-road number kit

Powermadd wrap around hand guards

Fasst Co. Flexx bars

Hiper beadlock Tech3 10" front rims wrapped with GNCC holeshot tires

Hiper dual beadlock 9" rear rims wrapped with Stinger Super Grip 20x11x9 tires

Tire balls in rear tires

ODI lock on grips a (best thing since sliced bread)

Map selection switch

Modded thumb throttle

PRM front bumper (control series)

PRM rear grab bar (control series)

PRM skid plate
Rocket Ron shock revalve

Monster coil

New E3 diamond fire spark plug

Inline oil coolers with temp gauge

Engine ICE coolant

Precision steering dampener

Modded crank case breather

Twin air dust & rain covers


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the one and only (literally) Hindle full system exhaust

KTM hipers all around

holeshot SX tires all around

FLEXX bars

KTM Ohlins Damper

KTM nerfs w/ heel guards

KTM Bumper

Maier vented carbon fiber hood

Numbers and graphics by Auto TRim Designs

Powermadd`s coming

Walsh steering stem and dash light holder

Shocks done and dialed by Jayme Macaulay

Maier number plate

pro taper grips (ODI loock on`s soon)

KTM Dust and rain covers

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ill play this one.

PRM .190 skid plate

powermadd wrap around hand guards

fmf factory 4.1 slip on

uhhh let me think....

ahh yes!

PRM super duper mega bad ass grab bar

little chrome sculls on my valve stems

i would love some hiper wheels but wow they are high

thats about all of it. not alot but a good start. heres my badonkadonktress on it


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-Hiper Tec 3's all around w/ Maxxis Razr 2's
-Powermadd's w/ full wraps
-KTM map switch
-07 Honda throttle w/ Mod Quad billet extender
-PRM Summit bumper
-Ohlins Damper
-Updog personalized number plates
-Stainless oil filters
-JD Jetting and billet fuel screw
-modified stock silencer (ESR stainless megaphone core)
Probably forgetting something...
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