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On Aug. 16, 2008 the All American KTM/Precision Concepts ATV ridden by Josh Caster took the Overall win at the SuperCourse Desert Night Race.

The SuperCourse Night Race was part of a desert racing series promoted by Lou Peralta of Alta Vista Events. The race was run for 2 hours over a 10 mile course in the Mojave desert.

Josh Caster took his nearly stock KTM 525 ATV to the winners circle and was able to beat every other entry including the first motorcycle by 3 minutes. In the process of going for the overall win Caster was able to also set the fastest lap time of the race. Off the start he battled with the motorcyle ridden by Nick Blais and they had a great race going. Blais was able to take the lead off the start but Caster was able to use the great power of the KTM 525 to make a pass on Blais early in the race. From that point on Caster was able to keep the lead and gain time each lap. He said after the race " The quad was awesome the whole race. I had a great race going with Nick Blais and he kept pushing hard the whole time. The course was great and had a little bit of everything from sand washes to rocks and whoops."

Lou had a few things to say after the race-

"It was a night race. It was a dead engine start. It was like a bomb run (all lined up on the same row in the dark desert - full moon was just rising), except no bomb. Before starting, you had to straddle the front wheel of your bike or Quad, and when the Green flag dropped, you moved around, jump on your ride, start it and take off.

Josh Caster was among the top five at the start, Nicholas Blais was about three bikes behind, when they all hit the road, it was pandemonium and just like being shot out of a cannon, Caster and Blais were up in front and diced it out for the next eight laps. It was a barn-burner, Mama. Caster took the OA and first in Open Expert Quad, Blais took second overall and first in the Open Exp MC. But what a race! I spotted these guys at various points of the 9.5 mile course, and I have to tell you, they never let off, even on the roughed out, rocky, dusty whoops. Frikin' amazing!
Congrats to Josh. As Blais said at the finish, "I came out on the high speed road and I had it pegged, and then I saw Josh get by me. I figured that was it for me."
Nonetheless, these guys put on a great show."

"OH, yes. That was the first time that a Quad has taken an overall in our Gran Prix and/or SuperCourse events, since we first started in 1986. Even when we start Quads four-minutes behind the start time for the first bikes and adjust their start times accordingly to make them equal, nobody has been able to come close to it. And by the way, you beat no slouch. Nobody has been able to beat Nicholas at our events. I believe he has a 100% record. He's never lost in one of our races. That's sweet and will hopefully light a spark to others if you decide to race with us in October."

The results are posted here - http://www.altavistaevents.com/08-SC4r.htm

Thank you to our sponsors- All American KTM and Precision Concepts

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Hey Guy's this is awesome riding by Josh...he beat all the Bikes in this race...something to really brag about...on a QUAD!!!...So great riding skills and a great Quad....

Kudos Josh on a great win!...Let's see some pic's Dude!!!

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A Nighttime Romp in the Desert

California City, CA – August 16, 2008

By Elias Vidal

What if I told you that Nicholas Blais, so far the undisputed champ at the Alta Vista Events (AVE) Desert SuperCourse Series in Cal City was for the first time beaten for the Overall by a newbie to SuperCourse events. What if I told you that everyone took off at the same time and when the first lap was completed, this newbie was ahead by about 37 seconds. What if I told you that it was a night race and the start was a dead engine start, in the dark and everyone had to hit the main road out of the start—a road that you could only see when the bikes lit up. What if I told you that this newbie to AVE events is Josh Caster? In addition, what if I was to tell you that the Overall winner was Caster riding a 525 KTM XC QUAD, sponsored by All American KTM, and Precision Concepts!

You had better believe it because it's absolutely true much to the dismay of Nicholas Blais. "Nic" had been invincible in all the AVE SuperCourse events he's participated so far in the last couple of years. When he showed up to register (late) everyone thought, "Well, there goes the overall again." The guy has been terrific. But no one paid too much attention to Josh Caster, from El Cajon. Josh and his buddies were sitting around for the weekend, thinking whether they should go and play or maybe try this night race in Cal City. They had never been in Cal City, at least not for any type of competition, so they thought it would be fun to make the trek and "try it out." Boy, did they.

The Super-C started at exactly 10 p.m. The 9.6-mile racecourse was well marked with lots of reflective tape and signs. Race organizer, Lou Peralta decided to play a little game by not letting anyone know where the start line was located until after they all came back from their "Parade Lap" led by race director, Todd Starks. When riders were returning they immediately started looking for the start flag. The flag was found in the middle of the darkened desert (lit only by a full moon). From there, races started lining up all on the same row. They still didn't know where they were going until Peralta showed them the location. Some of the riders were apprehensive. "What in the heck is Lou doing?" said one of the riders. "He's crazy, how am I going to find where the course picks up?" said another. By the time Peralta showed them where they had to go they felt a bit better but not by much.

Suddenly, every rider had to face backwards and keep an eye on the starter. When the green flag dropped, they worked round their bike or Quad, started and took off into the night. The start was so good that not a single rider got off. They all hit the mark and begun their two-hour romp into the balmy (91 degree) moonlit, and well-marked desert course.

At the completion of the first lap, much to everyone's surprise, Quad #936, with Caster aboard showed up in first, followed thirty or so seconds later by Open Expert Honda #107 of Nick Blais (Mid-Cities, Pro Honda Oils, FMF, IMS, Fast Co, Dirt Digits, Rovers MC).

Well everyone was surprised, but also everyone thought, that shouldn't last for long. Blais, as he usually does, will blast through traffic and wind up cruising for the rest of the two hours.

Not so, lap two it was once again Josh Caster on the 525 KTM HC Quad, not about now 41 seconds ahead of Blais. Whoa! What's happening here? The crowd was amazed as the perennial winner Blais, was actually dropping back. "It's a fluke man," said a spectator who is well acquainted with Blais' modus-operandi. "Ah, just wait, he'll get him." By lap three, Caster's lead was down to 37 seconds. "Oh, he'll get him by the next lap," assured a bystander. By lap four Caster lead was back up to 42 seconds and apparently, Nicholas Blais was having problems with the battery pack that was feeding his helmet lights. So he had to make an extra stop. From then on, it was all Caster's and his KTM Quad. He continued to post fast laps that no one could match. In fact, Caster posted the fastest lap on his first lap, which was 14:11 min, but AVE does not count the first lap to decide who posted the quickest lap. Caster's second lap was a 14:44 min, which Nicholas Blais matched on his third lap. So they were tied. However, Caster did wind up with a faster third lap, which edged out Blais for the "Fast Lap" award. At the finish, Blais admitted, "I knew I was in trouble when we came onto a fast road and I had my Honda pegged, and Caster went by me maybe ten to twelve miles an hour faster. I was done!" Also at the finish, Caster commented on the race. "It was fun competing against Nic. I knew he was back there all the time so I just didn't let up. The course was fun, well marked. Great time."

Caster and Blais were first and second Overall each winning their respective Classes Expert Quad and Open Expert. Third overall was Tom Phoenix (EXCR KTM 530) who also won the 40+ Novice Class. Fourth overall went to Rob Padovich (KTM 505) on his way to the top of the 30+ Novice Class. Rounding out the top five overall was Matt Tarry Yamaha WRF 250 – TRE, Fire & Ice Racing, United MC), who won the 250 Novice Class.

By 12:30 a.m. the race was over and the crowed loved it. It was fun, nobody got off, no incidents and for the most part everyone seemed pleased with the course, the markings and the results. The only thing that may have marred the atmosphere was a fight that took place on the other side of the pits among some local youths that apparently had nothing better to do on a Saturday night than to go out looking for a scrimmage. The Cal City DIRT Team was quickly on top of it, and made sure that nothing else happen. Thanks to the DIRT Team for their service.

Other Class Winners:

OPEN NOV – Adam Herron; OPEN BEG – Tony Robinson; 250 BEG – Brian Woleben; 30 EXP – Matt Ladendorf; 40 EXP – Danny Padovich; 50 EXP – Doug Smith; 50 NOV – Russ Hoffman; Women – Keira Lynch; NOV QUAD – Bill Markell; BEG QUAD – Steven Essler; PILOT MOD -Jesse Pouge.

Next event in the Series is slated for October 18, with the SuperCourse #5 – "BACK TO BASICS – RIDE HARD." This event will start at 10 a.m. on Saturday. Parade Lap will be at 9 a.m. There's also a special incentive: "Catch the Rabbit." A racer (named later) will be sent out a few seconds ahead of the group. It will be a dead engine start, similar to a desert "bomb run." Anyone who catches the "Rabbit" and finishes Overall will win $200.00. If the "Rabbit" is not caught, then the "Rabbit" earns $300.00. There's also $100.00 for Fast Lap. Check out.

KIDS CLASSESFortunately/Unfortunately, AVE has obtained new insurance coverage that allows Pilots, UTVs, Trophy Karts, China Lites and others to compete as well as bikes and Quads (separately). Unfortunately, this insurance package does not insure the KIDS Classes. No one under 16 is allowed to compete. As a result, Alta Vista Events will declare the KIDS Classes Champions using the first three events and will award accordingly at the year-end awards.

Lou Peralta, head of the organization deeply regrets that there will be no Kids Classes for the rest of the year. He commented, "It really hurts to have to give up on the kids classes for the time being. We are true believers that that is where all the future talent comes from. In addition, and more importantly, that is where we can begin to teach the young ones not only to race but also to respect the desert and take care of it. However, financially, it just didn't make sense to us since we need to broaden our appeal. The AMA would not insure UTVs, Pilots and others, and we know there's a market there for us. We are hoping that by the 2009 season, we will be able to bring back the Kids classes. We will continue to work at it. We want to thank all the young guns who participated with us and their parents for their support. We will not give up on having the classes return to our series next year."

Peralta was obviously disappointed and assured us that he will continue to seek coverage for all.

Next event is October 18, at the Alta Vista Ranch. Race starts at 10 a.m. See you then.

Elias Vidal
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