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aftermarket heel guards

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hey guys, i destroyed original heel guards and need some replacements, as mentioned in earlier post i ordered full ktm nerf but do to supply they only had half ones so now i need some heel guards. what i want in some solid ally/ steel units something good like pro armour/ims roll and hopefully it bolts straight onto original ktm pegs, any reccomendations and if so how bout an aussie importer

cheers guys
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Give Andrew a call at Austraco. He should know how far off the Pro Armour ones are.
If you need to replace your heal guards while waiting, shoot me a PM as I have my standard ones just sitting in the shed.

Other option is to do what I did. http://www.ktmatvhq.com/forum/invision/ind...p?showtopic=367

sounds good getting the pro armour, are you able to help us with a number or email
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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