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Adjusting CDI Ignition Map

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Underneath the front cover is a small white connector. Unplugged is for the performance map and plugged in is for the de-tuned map. I will get some detailed pictures up ASAP.
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Can you post some more info on this & maybe a pic?
What are the 2 settings used for?
the dealer told me that the "detunned" map is so that the quad meets the strict california emissions regulations...

unfortunately i havent got to ride mine enough to figure out if that is true or not...
Has anyone tried to wire up the swith yet and is it a easy mod to do?

my understanding is that this is a plug & play...
that is correct just unplug the brown wire and plug the switch in easy.

thanks for the confirmation.

maybe if you had the time, you could write up a quick how-to that can be pinned for future reference. pics would be sweet as well...

i ordered it but they were out of stock, so it will be a week or so before i receive it, otherwise i would do it.

thanks again for your contribution!
thanks! i looked all over trying to figure out what those were for. thanks again for the great contribution!
Here is the item #. 230223443879
Let me know if that doesn't work.

good find, thanks for the info...

but i have one quick question, the ebay auction shows part #54839074000 which i thought was superceded by part#54839074100.


is there any difference in the parts? how much older is the 4000 switch than the 4100 unit?
1 - 6 of 35 Posts
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