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08 450xc repair shop advice

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So I am stuck in between a rock and a hard place. I know things are difficult with covid and businesses are short staffed. That being said what is an acceptable time for a repair to be completed by a shop? I understand different jobs take more time. I took my 450 in to have the head gasket replaced, high flow water pump installed, and full exhaust installed which I had all the parts for before I took it in. They called me 2 weeks after that to let me know that they had completed that part of the job but now they were getting no spark and that my ECU went bad (how this happens out of no where I do not know).This was the first week of October and we are now in the 3rd week of February! Every time I call I get the same run around that they are waiting on ktm so they can go over and try to figure out the "electrical issue". This was a reputable shop and where I am in northwest Ohio there isn't a whole lot of them to chose from. I am terrified to see the bill when they finally get it done or I have to pick it up and take it somewhere else. Just out of curiosity what would any of you do?
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Get it back ASAP. That is totally unacceptable. I would also raise all hell with the shops General Manager. Have you gone over there to actually have them show you what’s going on with it and physically see the bike? I would pay them for the work that was requested (with a big discount requested for your inconvenience) and tell them to call you when the new CDI came in. In the meantime, I would take it somewhere else to get tested or find a replacement on eBay if it’s actually bad. Rocky Mountain ATV has them in stock. I would also check all the normal stuff, idle set to high, TPS out of whack, blown fuse/fuses, bad battery, bad spark plug cap, ignition coil, something they may have unplugged in the harness and forgot to plug back in, etc. I bet it’s something very simple and they are overlooking it or it’s some shenanigans on their part.

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