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i raced in 2 classes this year with my blaster, both in the CMA series.

there were 4 points races in each class, MX TT XC and Overall

Beginner sport. 12-15 yrs old, 240cc 2-stroke, 300cc 4 stroke
TT 2nd
MX 2nd
XC 1st
OA 2nd

Jr sport, any sport quad, 14+yrs

TT 2nd
MX 1st
XC no class
OA 2nd

i rode a mod blaster in both classes, a Yamaha Factory rider beat me in Beg. Sport, and a Nac's built 330R beat me in Jr. sport
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open class: 2005: NZ no 7 in mx, No 5 GNCC, No3 North Island TT champs 05 was a great year

North Island vets class (40 +) TT champ 06, 2nd vets 07

Club hillclimb / sprint series champ 04 / 05 / 06 / 07 YFZ 480
congrats man, that YFZ 480 must have some insane power
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