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  1. For Sale/Trade
    Brand new set of Fox Shox Gen2 Long Travel Floats. Never been mounted. Still in box. Eye to eye length is : 19-7/16 Will fit +3 mx arms from Fireball, Jansen, and Laeger. Ships from Las Vegas
  2. XC Suspension/Steering/Chassis/Wheels & Tires
    The Eccentric hub on my 450xc keeps moving. I bought the quad last year and had no problem with it moving. untill the end of the season when it moved to much that the chain was so tight it had no movement. I have taken everything apart and cleaned both the hub and swingarm and the next time i...
  3. XC Suspension/Steering/Chassis/Wheels & Tires
    hey a wanted to know what do you think about this shocks ..... i am prepearing my quad and i am thinking this shocks but i wan some opinions firts , i also hear about pep shocks but i cant find any explicit info. so please it comment , it would be great.
  4. KTMAVHQ Part Reviews
    Hello, due to the fact that here is no thread where we collecte our setup I would like to start with an example entry. Let us collect our setups as follows (just copy this part, insert your setup and post it here :cool: !): ATV: KTM XC 525 or SX 505 Riders weight: XXX pounds Track: Cross...
1-4 of 6 Results