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  1. For Sale/Trade
    Brand new set of Fox Shox Gen2 Long Travel Floats. Never been mounted. Still in box. Eye to eye length is : 19-7/16 Will fit +3 mx arms from Fireball, Jansen, and Laeger. Ships from Las Vegas
  2. Member eBay Auctions
    PEP Shocks Suspension KTM ATV | eBay
  3. XC Suspension/Steering/Chassis/Wheels & Tires
    hey a wanted to know what do you think about this shocks ..... i am prepearing my quad and i am thinking this shocks but i wan some opinions firts , i also hear about pep shocks but i cant find any explicit info. so please it comment , it would be great.
  4. KTMAVHQ Part Reviews
    Hello, due to the fact that here is no thread where we collecte our setup I would like to start with an example entry. Let us collect our setups as follows (just copy this part, insert your setup and post it here :cool: !): ATV: KTM XC 525 or SX 505 Riders weight: XXX pounds Track: Cross...
1-4 of 5 Results