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  1. Wanted
    want to buy a ktm 525 xc w the ktm factory big bore cylinder a high comp 12.5:1 piston ported and polished head upgraded exhaust bored and worked carb all mods done a high flow mino pump 833 cam no bogs no issues have cash money in hand and waiting please be serious and don't waste my time and...
  2. SX Engine/Carb/Drivetrain
    Just traded my trx450r for a ktm 505sx that needs a piston and rings this is my first ktm so please help me out with anything I need to know.......... It has web cams 808/709 performance valve springs oversized intake and exhaust valve and a bills exhaust the guy who had it before me was running...
  3. XC Engine/Carb/Drivetrain
    Hi all, I've done a quick search and couldn't find this one so hoping it's ok to post? I need to remove the engine from my 450 XC rocket ship as it's let go again (only 50 hours :( ) and I've got no dealer nearby where I can take it easily so need to send the engine off for rebuild. Needless...
  4. SX Engine/Carb/Drivetrain
    I wasn't sure if there was a picture of the stock SX450 total piston weight including wrist, rings and clips... anyway, pretty light assembly for 97mm stock compression... Feel free to add if you have weights on other KTM pistons.... Thanks to Bill.... Wiseco 13:5:1 piston with wrist pin...
1-4 of 4 Results