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  1. XC Suspension/Steering/Chassis/Wheels & Tires
    I can't find a post on here I saw a few months back about a guy who can get deals on hiper wheels? Anyone know the best place/price to get them?
  2. For Sale/Trade
    Used very little, no holes , no plugs excellent cond, single bead lock. $500obo. Call or text 559-696-1696
  3. For Sale/Trade
    HiPer Tech 3 Rear Wheels Rims 8" x 8" (3+5 offset, 4/110 and 4/115 bolt patterns) Single Beadlock -- Aluminum center and carbon fibor Orange beadring one ride on them there is not one thing wrong with theses in good shape reason for selling is wrong size and what i mean by wrong size is the...
1-3 of 3 Results