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  1. XC Engine/Carb/Drivetrain
    Hi all, New to riding and ATV's so if I don't understand something your saying I apologize. I am essentially using this as a tracker for the things I do to try to fix it. feel free to leave any input. as far as my bike goes, I only just started taking things off of it like plastics and...
  2. XC Engine/Carb/Drivetrain
    The throttle slide on my fcr carb is sticking and hangs open frequently. I didn't know if anyone else with theirs and how you may have addressed these issues. I used high temp grease as a temporary solution. Could a new plate (the one that goes on the front of the slide) fix this? Mine is a...
  3. XC Engine/Carb/Drivetrain
    Hey guys. Just bought a new 450 XC. The quad is still bone stock and I have a slight hesitation/bog coming right off idle to wide open throttle. The hesitation/bog only last for the first few hundred RPM's and then it seems to pull itself out of it. I am new to carb adjustments. Any suggestions...
1-3 of 3 Results