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  1. Wanted
    want to buy a ktm 525 xc w the ktm factory big bore cylinder a high comp 12.5:1 piston ported and polished head upgraded exhaust bored and worked carb all mods done a high flow mino pump 833 cam no bogs no issues have cash money in hand and waiting please be serious and don't waste my time and...
  2. XC Dyno/Tuning
    Hi, i have recently bought a HMF full system for a 450xc stock. The user guide says to change the Stock pilot jet for a 45pilot jet, ive done this and it is better than with the hmf and stock jet, but It has lost that bottom torque at the low to mid rpms. I would like some advice on tuning the...
  3. XC Engine/Carb/Drivetrain
    Hey guys. Just bought a new 450 XC. The quad is still bone stock and I have a slight hesitation/bog coming right off idle to wide open throttle. The hesitation/bog only last for the first few hundred RPM's and then it seems to pull itself out of it. I am new to carb adjustments. Any suggestions...
1-3 of 3 Results