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  1. XC Engine/Carb/Drivetrain
    I'm looking for 2008 KTM 450 XC IGNITION COVER. There's none in stock, and it takes a month to receive from KTM. SOMEONE HAS ONE FOR SALE?
  2. XC Engine/Carb/Drivetrain
    Hi all, New to riding and ATV's so if I don't understand something your saying I apologize. I am essentially using this as a tracker for the things I do to try to fix it. feel free to leave any input. as far as my bike goes, I only just started taking things off of it like plastics and...
  3. XC Engine/Carb/Drivetrain
    I purchased a 450 xc the other day and noticed a bog in lower rpm range. It has a full hmf exhaust and a jd jet kit already installed. The jet kit is running a 180 main with a 45 pilot and the blue needle. I do not know what clip it is running and just wanted a suggestion for what settings I...
  4. Wanted
    We are looking for one, maybe two 2008 or newer 450 XC. Looking for super clean an or low hours. Not raced, but minor mods ok ie nerf bars, exhaust. We are in MI and if it is more than 200 miles from 48314, we are looking to have it shipped to us or delivered. We may take a combo package with...
1-4 of 4 Results