New KTM Rider Here needs some help with new Purchase
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    Question New KTM Rider Here needs some help with new Purchase

    HI Guys and Gals,
    I am about to purchase a 2009 KTM 525XC but i am very confused on this wheeler. As the one i am about to buy runs on 110 pump gas and has no head lamp. ALL of the 525's i see out there are race ready rigs but come with head lamp and run on pump gas. The kid i am buying this one from bought it from a kid that did race and had 3 other BEAUTIFUL KTM's..... Would he have been teh one to convert it to 110 octane and head light delete plastics? OR did KTM actually make a full race ready wheeler and sell them in 08-09? Any help would be much appreciated. Image is of the one i am about to purchase.
    New KTM Rider Here needs some help with new Purchase-48418864_430992750770250_5677398285103398912_n.jpg

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    Yes when people race they want more power, an easy way to get more is bumping up compression. This will require higher octane fuel, higher octane fuel does NOT add power, the higher octane rating simply just is more resistant to pre-ignition, which will happen if you go too high on compression and try to run too low of an octane fuel.
    Yes, there are aftermarket and Ktm hoods that are/were available that delete the headlight, normal for someone that is racing, looking for a good look, or simply never needs lights.

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    ^He's right on compression. Would likely require changing the piston if you want to go back to running pump gas. I'd try to get as much information on what was done to the motor as possible before purchasing.

    That quad has a Maier brand "hood" on it. The stock plastics hold a headlight and the stock hood fit up to it. Headlight and tail light were easily removable for racing. KTM even made a wiring kit that removed the handlebar switch cluster that had the start button, light switches, and kill switch and replaced it with a single push button starter like the dirt bikes have. I installed it on both of my quads when I pulled the lights off.
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