Time to rebuild ! Piston choice and others
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    i start the bike, and let warm-up, and he start to leack, its really not much but still. Its leacking near to the rear litle bolt of the cylinder head. I lift the quad up and apply the procedure to bleed the air, so no air. I try to retorque a litle more to 54 Nm, but there is something strange, i torque to 54 Nm wait a litltle before reassembling, and recheck the torque, and it was back to 49 - 50 Nm, so i retroque to 54 Nm and reassemble the all thing. i go for a ride and no leack, i was happy thinking it was good, but next day i go to another ride and he restart to leack at the same spot.

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    Sounds like you need to have it checked this time.

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