Time to rebuild ! Piston choice and others
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    Weisco and pro-x have ties.
    So then I have to go ahead and say it.
    Weisco? Make a trash product?? Man I would have never guesed!
    I’m glad you got it all sorted. You really should never re-use the head bolts. They stretch like hell once torqued.
    For valves, the only brands knows to be good for the KTM are KW or OEM. But the OEM intakes are soft.
    Make sure you set valve clearances with 1/6th turn method and not a feeler gauge unless you replaced the tappet bolts!

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    Which i could find some KW valves here in europe, but i dont, and if im correct, to put Them, i have to rework the head (+1mm), and find someone here in portugal ho do that correctly is nearly inpossible. Next rebuild, if my budget allows it, i will send the head to thumper racing, and i have an old cylinder in stock, and will maybe try the 540 or 570, will see. For the valve adjustement, i always use feeler jauge, and aim for 0.12, i see a lot of times the 1/6th turn method on video but i dont understand exactly how to do it

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